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self love;

There comes a time when you realize, your happiness does matter. Whether that means following your dreams, taking a hot bath, working out, having a nice big glass of wine, spending time with friends and family, whatever makes you happy, It doesn't make you selfish or careless. It makes you, YOU.

After having my little man, I never put much effort into doing things for me. I never took care of my skin, never had my nails done, I wasn't going to the gym or eating right. I spent countless hours thinking about how much I hated myself. I hated what I looked like, I never got out of the house, I was lazy and just had absolutely no confidence, at all. I felt like I was never getting out of this dark hole.

Then things changed. My whole outlook on life, just changed. Just about a year ago now, I was working at a daycare where I met some amazing people. Some that I can now call best friends. I loved working at the daycare and although I knew it wasn't my future, I learned so much when being there. Someone once asked me, "why are you so hard on yourself all the time?" I didn't really have an answer...Insecurities. That's exactly what it was.

But, why are we SO hard on ourselves? Why, just why do we pick apart all of our flaws. It's unfair and only brings us down. And I came to realize that, when a little birdie told me I need to stop thinking so negatively about things.

I finally signed up for the gym back in February, but never actually made it there until April...and today, I am down 15 lbs! I am more confident, I have an amazing job, I am in a happy relationship, I have the best friends and family, I am eating right (while still having cheat meals). I also take vitamins and my prescription medications religiously, drinking lots of water, barely wearing makeup while also taking care of my skin, get my nails done every two weeks. Those little things make ALL the difference, to me!

I've honestly never been in such a good place, in my life. And not only am I doing this for me, I am doing this for Liam. You'd be surprised how much your happiness reflects your childs'. It doesn't matter the age, if you aren't happy, it shows and they really do know it. My advice, pursue your dreams, take that hot bath, spend your Friday night out with friends, go on that date. Just push yourself where you want to be. You aren't "selfish" or careless, you have every right to do what you want and go where you want.



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