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Here we are, we're actually doing this.

My name is Cassey. This is, yes, my first blog..clearly. (Don't) correct me if I'm wrong. I am not here for grammar patrol (@AJ). I may not make complete sense in some of my posts because I am literally spitting out whatever comes to mind. Soo you can take it or leave it or whatever you choose. I am kind, outgoing, crazy, loving, laid back, weird, and a very honest person. I have a little boy, his name is Liam. He is 3 years old, and if you thought twos were bad, just wait. Sometimes, we may enjoy the "f***" spurts in the middle of the grocery store when they drop the goldfish bag and it goes everywhere. Sometimes, we hit, punch and scratch. Sometimes, we act as if we are a gorilla, and do it very well. But, at the end of the day, that crazy little guy I call my son, is also the most sweetest loving child you'll ever meet. And THAT, I'm proud of.

Over the last, I want to say almost 5 years, I have developed a strong interest in blogs/vlogs/yada yada. Mom blogs in particular. I did this because back in 2016, when I was pregnant with my little guy, I became a different person. My outlook, my interests, my life in general had completely changed, of course for the better. I had tons of support, love and motivation to be the best mother I could. And to be honest, I am definitely succeeding in my eyes. I am lucky to have learned a lot from my mom, I'm proud.

I used to sit up all hours of the night feeling Liam kick; laying in bed wrapped in my pregnancy pillow- bag of cookies in one hand, my phone in another watching vlogs on parenting advice, product reviews, breastfeeding tips, relationships, careers, how to get through ups and downs, different lifestyles as a family and so so sOooo much more. I enjoyed it, I still do hence why I am now here...eventually, maybe I will get to the vlogging part.

I wanted advice as a new mother in MY specific shoes, I wanted to connect with other young new mothers and there ain't nothin' wrong with that. You're not just a mom, you have other things in life too and that's important to remember. Family is important, blood or not, it doesn't matter-family will always be there, don't give up on your friends even when you start to notice them drifting cause they have a different lifestyle than you, keep your love life a priority as well, work on yourself just as much as you work on everything else around you.

Mommin' is fun. Toddlerism, FUN! Health and Fitness can be fun too..I promise.

It is so important to set yourself up for your future, for you, your family, your life, your happiness. Find a goal and go for it. Whether it's work, getting back in shape, or even creating your own blog!

I want to be that lending ear, that person who can help-give you advice-give you want you are looking for as a new mother, friend, person.

This may be a lot to keep up with, but I'll give it what I got! Please email, comment, contact me in anyway if you are interested in seeing any specific posts and I will add it to my to do list.


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