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Parenting Failures

Come on now, we all have our own parenting failures. We just don't realize it until its too late!! No parent is perfect, I mean really no one is perfect.

While I was pregnant, I remember specifically saying I'd never feed Liam mac&cheese out of a box. Guess who eats mac&cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner? THIS ONE..well maybe not breakfast. When it comes to your child eating or refusing, you give them whatever they'll actually eat. Yes I've heard people say: give them dinner, if they don't want it they wont eat "they'll learn from that". I personally don't believe in that especially after having a stubborn little guy. He is slowly giving in to green beans (opening them up, eating the bean then proceeding to throw the rest of it on the floor) but that is as far as veggies go for him.

I also remember saying I'd never let my child sleep in my bed..HAHA. It is extremely difficult for me to let him cry it out, it was much easier when he was little and would give in. Now that I can hear him screaming "I want my mommy" on the other side of my bedroom wall, it's nearly impossible. 3:30 am comes around, guess who's little feet are climbing into bed kicking us in the face.

Over the last few weeks, Liam's vocabulary has increased tremendously. He is understanding and saying sentences. He is associating animals with their sounds. He is learning his numbers and colors. But, he is also repeating what EVERYONE's all fun and games until you're in public and your child says holy shit.

Liam and I are currently watching Pinocchio!! He loves anything Disney related; movies, characters, the music. We recently went to Disney World and he obsessed over Mickey. I loved watching every minute of it. That was another thing. I always said I would only give Liam little or no screen time. But here I am, watching a full two hour movie with my almost two year old.

I've always said when I have a kid I'd have my shit together, but here I am still learning what that even means.

xoxo, Cass

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